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Here, at Dayton Locksmith, we know that communicating with our customers plays a vital role in providing excellent service. Therefore, Dayton Locksmith’s experienced technicians have provided you with a basic list of our main locksmith services.

We hope that this list will help us to give you better answers regarding your lock, key and safe needs.


Rekey a lock

Every lock cylinder has small pins inside it. When we Rekey the lock it means that we take the old pins out and instead put different pins inside. By doing that we actually change the combination of the lock. Now the old key will not be useful, will not turn the cylinder, and therefore will not open the lock. When the Rekey is done, the old lock remains the same and you will not see any change in the appearance; however, the key will not be the same.


In what situation would I want to Rekey my locks?


In case your roommate left the apartment. Even if he/she gave you the keys back it is recommended to Rekey the locks because most keys can be duplicated in any hardware store.



When you have just moved into the new house you bought. Many times the contractors had the keys in order to perform different jobs in the house. Once they are done there is still a chance that someone “forgot” to bring the keys back.



When you have just moved into a new apartment. Not all landlords Rekey the locks after a tenant has left, and sometimes the old tenants still have the keys.



In case you have been robbed or someone stole your keys.



In case you have lost your keys.



Install a lock

Most doors have two holes built in when they arrive from the factory. However, sometimes doors have only one hole or none at all, and in order to install an additional lock we have to drill a hole.


In what situation would I want to install a new lock?


Upgrade your security – In case you have only one lock (usually a door knob) and you want to add an additional lock (usually a dead bolt).



Keep your privacy – In case you have just signed a lease with your new roommates and your bedroom door has no lock. A simple door knob can be a good and inexpensive solution to keeping your privacy.



Keep things secure that are out of your sight – In case you have a large back yard and all of your tools are stored in the storage shed far back in the yard, make sure that during their lonely nights, far from your eye, no one tries get them. A dead bolt can be an excellent solution to keep away any intruders.



Change a lock / Replace a lock

Change all parts and components of the lock by taking the old one off and putting a new one on. New locks have new keys, latch, cylinder etc.


In what situation would I want to change my lock?


Old lock – Locks and cylinders, unlike a good red wine, do not get better with years. Snow, rain, wind, and other factors influence them. Sometimes when the lock is old it may be a good idea to change it and prevent a possible lock-out situation.



Break-in event – Many times after a break-in, the locks are damaged by one way or another. The cylinder, latch, bolt, and other lock components may not function as they should. It is recommended to change and rekey the locks.



Repair a lock

Sometimes, when the lock does not function as it used to, and problems starts to occur, we can repair the lock. There may be different reasons for a malfunction. Buffalo Locksmith technicians have seen uncountable problems of locks, door knobs, dead bolts, rim cylinders, mortise, push bar, garage locks etc. We can not say that we can solve any problem, but we can guarantee that we will try. Most of the time it is cheaper to repair a lock instead of changing it; however, it is important to mention that it is not always possible or recommended.


In what situation would I want to repair my lock?


You have a lock that you really like and want to keep, most of the time antique or modern styled locks.




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