Dayton Locksmith – Glossary.



Lock – a device operated by a key, combination, or keycard and used, as on a different door, for holding, closing, or securing.


Key – usually metal implement that is turned to open or close a lock.


Rekey – using the existing lock to get a new key, where the key that was used before no longer works on the lock.


Lock change – take the existing lock out and put in a whole new lock in place of the old one.


Lock install – to place a new lock in, where there was no lock before, consist on drilling a hole in the door.


High Security lock – very strong locks, provide the ultimate protection against any break- in entry methods and tools.


Deadbolt – a bolt on a lock that is moved by turning a key or knob without activation of a spring.


Double sided deadbolt – a double sided deadbolt is a deadbolt that locks from the inside and outside. You would need a key to open it and to lock it from both sides.


Door knob – a knob-shaped handle for opening and closing a door.


Passage lock – a simple handle that has no locking cylinder. For convenience purposes only.


Ignition key – a key that operates the ignition switch of an automotive engine.


Transponder key – a key that has an electric chip inside that provides additional security against car theft.


VAT System – vehicle anti theft security system that certain models of GM cars are occupied with.


Fresh installation – drilling and adjustment procedure in order to place a new lock in wood or metal doors where there is no space in the door.


Schlage – One of the two most common brands locks in America residential structures.


Kwikset – One of the two most common brands locks in America residential structures.