Dayton Locksmith FAQ, Your Questions, Our Answers.

All Locksmith Services related questions in Dayton OH answered here by our professional locksmiths.

A.) Yes, we encourage customers who have recently purchased a new home or property, to have their locks changed by one of our trained technicians. Our technicians can provide BOTH services, rekey or replace, each lock on your property. When the technician rekeys your existing lock, he is ensuring that any OLD key to the lock, will no longer work once the lock is rekeyed. If the customer is not satisfied with the basic rekey, our technician can install a different locking mechanism. We can also have our technician make you a Master Key that can work for each lock. As far as pricing goes, it depends on the type of lock already installed. Once the technician takes a look at each lock, he will be able to let you know what would be most cost effective. Our technicians are there to give their professional opinion and we take pride in offering various security services to all of our customers in their new homes and or properties! 

A.) We most certainly can help you with your situation and provide a new ignition key if needed for your 2011 Mercury Mountaineer. We can send a technician to your location in Springboro and have him unlock your vehicle. If your keys are not inside the vehicle, we can have our technician cut & program a new key on-site. All of our technicians are certified and equipped to make a new ignition key, whether it’s a Mechanical, Transponder, or High Security key. Just give us a call and we can send a technician right away!