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Q: Can you get over to an Aldi and help a friend replace the VATs key she lost?
A: We’ll make our way to any Aldi you need us to be at. Our professionals will find no trouble helping your friend out: VATs keys are a breeze for our highly skilled specialists to replace. If any key is lost it can be quickly and reliably replaced with the ease of a call to Dayton Locksmiths.

Q: Will you open up my offices in The Greene Mall, which have locked me out?
A: That unfortunate office lockout will be quickly ended with a safe and dependable lockout service from our trusty locksmith contractors. Call us up and we’ll send over a professional right away to your business in the Green Mall. And he’ll finish up that service even sooner than the time it’ll take him to arrive at your side. Trust in Dayton Locksmiths and you and all your employees will never have to spend even a second on worrying about commercial lockouts.

Q: Could you give me laser cut keys to an entrance lock in my Grafton Hill house?
A: Laser cut keys are an excellent way to ensure the safety of your home, as these locks are exceptionally difficult to break into. That’s why our locksmiths can definitely install such a lock in your Grafton Hill house: we want you to live as securely as possible, in a home that protects you and all the other valuables inside it.  Call up the contractors at Dayton Locksmiths and you’ll get just the right residential lock for your home. Our experts will even give you all the explanations you need and further services should you have any difficulties with a lock system that might not be completely familiar to you.

Q: Are you able to come to Smithville Rd. and give my home a top-to-bottom safety evaluation?
A: Should there be any possible security vulnerabilities in your home, you can bet that our highly trained locksmith experts will discover them. Just let us over to your home on Smithville Rd. and we’ll work on a fully comprehensive residential safety evaluation. Nothing gets by our locksmiths. They know what criminals looks for when wanting to enter a home; but the eyes of our contractors are even keener, and they’ll spot any possible crack in your house’s security. So call up Dayton Locksmiths and be sure to get as thorough a household evaluation as you can.

Q: What can be done to help my son with a car lockout he’s experiencing near a United Dairy Farmers?
A: We can make sure we have a professional locksmith over there at that store in a flash. It won’t matter what car your son drives, nor the kind of locks and security the car uses: our specialists come well-prepared to handle any kind of automotive security issue, including those of auto lockouts. So don’t worry for even a moment: ring up Dayton Locksmiths and our professionals will calmly and quickly handle the whole situation.

Q: I want to get my Second Street Market office evaluated and was wondering do you do such a thing?
A: We’ll gladly have one of our locksmith experts take a close, scrutinizing examination of your office’s security. Nothing will get past our specialists: every possible vulnerability in the security at your Second Street Market business will be discovered once our contractors have set themselves to the job. So after you call up Dayton Locksmiths, we’ll not only be able to provide you with a comprehensive, commercial safety evaluation, we’ll also suggest the fitting office services that get rid of any safety concerns that might exist.

Q: Can you put it completely new locks for new doors I had made for my home in Burkhardt?
A: Just allow our locksmith professionals to match you and your Burkhardt home with a perfect set of locks for you doors. We’ll help suit those doors with locks that not only function in the most secure fashion, but also provide aesthetic appeal—security solutions that provide both protection and style. And it’s all from the reliable contractors at Dayton Locksmiths.

Q: Is it possible that I broke my car’s cam lock when driving on Germantown Pike?
A: If are lock or some security device on your car broke when you were driving, call up our locksmiths specialists immediately, as you won’t want to compromise your auto security with a broken lock. In all likelihood, the lock you broke on Germantown Pike was not a cam lock. Cam locks have cams attached to them that act as bolts; you’ve seen them probably on cabinets, drawers, and filing cabinet. They’re not known to be on cars. However, this doesn’t mean that our experts can’t help you with any other lock repair problem you’re facing. Dayton Locksmiths is completely familiar with vehicle lock repair services; just let us know where you’re located and we’ll help you fix up your car lock in a jiffy.

Q: What’s a lock rekey? A friend recommended I get them when I move to my new McCook Field home.
A: A lock rekey is simply a process that our experts at Dayton Locksmiths apply to locks that makes it necessary to create new keys for that lock. All it really involves is the adjustment to the internal tumblers of that lock—it’s really quite a simple task that our locksmiths provide standard for all kinds of customers in all kinds of scenarios. When the tumblers are rearranged, nothing else about the lock is changed: it’s very convenient when a client does not want anything changed about the lock in and of itself. However, as the name implies, there’s a new key that needs to be created for the lock that remains. After the internal pins are modified, the old keys won’t work: they won’t turn the tumblers any longer because their teeth won’t fit in the same way. This is useful when someone wants to change keys, but not locks; for instance, one might not want to go to the trouble of choosing a new lock style or of paying more money for a new lock. In your case, dear customer, your friend has the right idea. Moving into any new home, be it in McCook Field or any other Dayton neighborhood, should always be accompanied by a thorough rekeying of the major lock mechanisms in the house. Getting new keys for those old locks means that the former keys no longer work—that is, people (such as former owners) will no longer be able to open those locks or get anywhere in your home. If there’s anything Dayton Locksmiths can do to clear up any confusion or provide you with any lock solution you desire—any number of lock rekeys, for example—we’d be happy to oblige.

Q: Can you get me a new car key? I dropped mine between the rows of the Dayton
A: Dayton Locksmiths can get you set up with just the right car key replacement. We’ll send a contractor over to your vehicle immediately; he’ll come over to the Playhouse with all the necessary equipment and do the job right one site. If that key you lost was a chip key or a VAT key it can be replaced with just as much alacrity as if it were a regular car key.

Q: How do I get this sticky stuff out of my ignition? Someone filled it with something when I was visiting Woodland Cemetery.
A: You won’t have to do anything to get any of those materials out of your car: all you need to do is call up Dayton Locksmiths. Our expert locksmiths will identify whatever is stuck inside your ignition and get it out right away. If you find that your ignition is damaged, you can trust in our professionals to repair your ignition. But first, you can expect that extraction service to be as careful and safe on your ignition as is possible. Dayton Locksmiths recognizes that your ignition is already compromised; we would never perform a lock service that would increase that damage. Just rely on our specialists to remove that sticky material—every last bit of it—so that you can drive in your car as if the ignition was never harmed in the first place.

Q: Can you give my children keys to the car? I want them to run errands now to Meijer’s.
A: Our skilled locksmiths can perform as many car key duplications as you could need. When you get in touch with Dayton Locksmiths, we can send over a contractor with all the equipment that’s necessary to cut a key. That contractor can make whatever number you require—and with such precision that it shouldn’t ever take more than one attempt per key. What’s more, the knowledge that our professionals possess will mean that they can give your children whatever variety of key duplicates: that is, if your car uses VAT keys, laser-cut keys, or chip keys, our specialists will make those exact styles when fashioning you new duplicates. We have the versatility, ability, and technology to help any customer get any kind of keys. Simply call Dayton Locksmiths and those duplicates will get made to fit your demands.

Q: Do you offer desk locks for my home office? I saw a desk in the Wright Cycle Shop had one, and I’d like the same.
A: Your home desk will be safely locked with whatever kind of desk lock you’d like. The papers you hold in your desk, as well as any other material, will be made perfectly secure when you depend on Dayton Locksmiths to install that desk lock. We’ll have our contractors help you with the whole process—from choosing the lock to the installation, to any maintenance or future services.

Q: Are my offices in Liberty Tower in need of a two-cylinder master key system?
A: The first thing that clients like to know about two-cylinder master key systems is that they tend to be the strongest on the line and also the most expensive. Because this system makes use of two cylinders—and therefore two keys, the master and the change key—it requires more work for installation and more attention paid to it by those who are using the system. Before Dayton Locksmiths gives any recommendations, we would first need to see your establishment: after we get a good understanding of the security needs of your offices and just what solutions are required, then we can make all the proper suggestions, ensuring that you and your employees work under the safest of conditions. We would never blindly tell you that, yes, your Liberty Tower offices should get a two-cylinder system until our professional locksmiths actually make such a decision. It could be that you would need only a regular master key system; a more standard system might be beneficial if the complications of that ‘extra’ change key dissuade us from installing such a system. Or, another alternative would involve. Whatever we find is best for you and your commercial setting is how we’ll proceed, and only with your consent. Dayton Locksmiths wants you to know that we’ll be there to improve your office security.

Q: Will you perform a lock replacement on my fence? After visiting the Walnut Grove Country Club, I want higher security locks.
A: Dayton Locksmith has just the equipment and just the knowledge of high security home locks. We’ll help you make whatever choice you need to upgrade the existing safety standards that are already guarding your home. The contractor who will help you with this locksmith solution will provide you with locks that will not only accent your fence—one’s that will not only offer aesthetic unity with your residential exterior—but will also assist you in choosing a lock that will always guard you and your home with an unwavering reliability. We can understand why you’d want to make your home all the more safe; our professionals have just what you need to replace that old lock with one that is equipped to prevent any modern-day burglary and lock-picking. With the help of Dayton Locksmiths, your home will be just as safe as the grounds of Walnut Grove.

Q: Can you install cabinet locks in my home that are like the ones on display cases at the Dayton Art Institute?
A: Dayton Locksmiths can find jut the proper cabinet locks to install in your residence. If you want to emulate the Art Institute for its security, then we’ll find just the right locks that will assure your home of an equally high level of safety; if no one can get into those antiques at the Institute, you won’t have anyone getting into your home cabinets if you want them out. And supposing you’re interested solely in the look, rather than the function, our experts can supply you with the cabinet locks that have the same appearance. If you’re searching for the right lock that will fit the interiors of your home, our professionals wills supply you with a huge catalog of cabinet locks from which to choose. We’ll make sure you get just what you want when it comes to cabinet lock solutions.

Q: What can you do about the chip to my VATs key that I lost at the Packard Museum?
A: Our highly qualified contractors offer a number of solutions for VATs key troubles. If you say that you’ve lost the chip to your key—the integral component of a VATs car key—then you won’t be able to enter your car or turn on the ignition. Rely on our experts to provide you either with a replacement or a repair. We can first try to see if the right chip can be simply inserted within the key, repairing the existing key with a brand new chip. Alternatively, Dayton Locksmiths can simply make you a new car key; our professionals can just cut a new VATs key that can fit with your car. Any option you choose, and any option our specialists recommend, will certainly be able to clear up your VATs key troubles. You’ll get back into your car with our help and you won’t even have to search around the floors of the Packard museum.

Q: Do I want a burglary safe or a fire safe for my offices in the Kettering Tower?
A: Depending on the particulars of your commercial offices in the Kettering Tower, our locksmiths will then recommend the perfect safe for you. Your options aren’t limited to one or the other—either a burglary safe or a fire safe—one can also select a burglary fire safe. In any case, we’ll send over a contractor to your business and help you make the decision that best assures your security.

Q: Are you able to open trunks? Mine’s jammed after overstuffing it on a visit to the Convention Center.
A: You can trust Dayton Locksmiths to unjam that pesky trunk lock. Any difficulties that you might be experiencing due to that car lock—whether in the past or just after visiting the Convention Center that one time—can be cleared up with one consultation from our experiencing professionals. If there’s any damage that’s been done to your trunk lock, we’ll set our experts to providing the proper repairs; and certainly, during the auto lock solution our specialists will do no more damage to your locks—you can count on their sensitivity and precision when performing this service.

Q: What are the right emergency panic bar brands for my Fifth Third Center offices?
A: There’s no precise way that we would know which panic bars are the right ones for you and your business without getting a close look at the particulars of your business. The unique structure and flow of your business—how it’s configured and how people maneuver inside of it—matters so much when taking panic bar brand recommendations into account. In order for Dayton Locksmiths to give the best, comprehensive solution that we know we can give, and that we’ve provided to our customers in the past, we’ll have to get a complete overview of your Fifth Third Center offices, firsthand. Afterwards, we’ll be able to help you decide between Detex, Briton, Exidor, and Axim brands, as well as others. But in order for us to maximize your security standards, we’ll do more than simply recommend names, we’ll supply ever solution form start to finish.

Q: Do you fix garage lock? My daughter came back late from Scene 75 and crashed into the lock.
A: Our Dayton Locksmiths will get your garage lock up and running once again. Provided the damage done was not too extensive, you won’t even realize that the garage lock was ever it in the first place. However, if the extent of the harm was really quite deep, there’s little chance that such a repair can be done. But our experts won’t let you keep your cars in an unprotected garage: if a repair is impossible, our contractors will secure your cars with a dependable garage lock repair. Either way, you’ll get your home safety back to the standards that you deserve.

Q: What’s a master key system and is it right for my Kettering Tower business?
A: This system refers to a single lock that is able to open up any number of locks (when our Dayton Locksmiths forge the necessary compatibility). Every lock within such a system can be opened up by two locks: one is the master key, given to an administrator or someone with authority, and the other is just a regular key that unlocks only one lock, given to an employee. Our Dayton Locksmiths can take a look at your Kettering Tower concern and see if master key systems, and precisely which system, is the best fit. If we find that your business will truly be able to benefit, we’ll suggest either a two-cylinder system, which is more secure than the ordinary system, or a ‘grandmaster’ key system, which involves many levels of various master keys. All can be provided by our experts, we just need your input.

Q: Can you repair garage locks? Got home late from Jimmie’s Cornerstone and drove into my garage damaging the lock.
A: Certainly our talented locksmiths at Dayton Locksmiths can repair garage locks of all kinds. However, it does depend on the extent of the damage. We’ll have to take a look at how much harm was inflicted on your garage’s lock before we can make any commitments. If you slightly nicked the lock, we’re certain we’ll be able to get it in working order. On the other hand, if you completely demolished the lock with your car, we’ll be able to offer you a replacement garage lock, but we’re not entirely certain a repair can be accomplished. We would recommend strongly that you do not return driving your car from Jimmie’s Cornerstone Bar if you have been enjoying their drinks—no matter what hour of the day.

Q: Are you able to unlock trunks? It jams every time I put my groceries from Kroger’s in there.
A: Without a doubt our reliable locksmiths can secure your trunk and get its lock functioning again. We’ll open up that pesky jammed lock and get out all your groceries before they ever spoil. It’s likely not Kroger’s fault. Count on the professionals at Dayton Locksmiths to make sure no damage is done to your vehicle’s trunk lock as a result of this automotive lock solution. Our experts will find the source of that repeated obstruction and will work to eliminate it, preventing any future jams.


Q: Do you work with transponder keys for motorcycles? I damaged mine when driving on the I-75.
A: We provide solutions for all customers who need work done on their transponder keys. Our locksmiths at Dayton Locksmiths are so talented that they can provide this service for both sedans, trucks, RVs, and, yes, even motorcycles. You won’t have to explain how your keys came to be damaged on the highway. Let our experts just take a look at that damage that was done; once they do that, they can make a diagnosis and decide upon the best way to proceed. Whether you need a complete replacement of your transponder key, or a simple reprogramming do to some type of internal error that arose because of light damage, Dayton Locksmiths will be able to help you. You’ll be back on your bike with a working key in no time.

Q: Can you install home cabinet locks? I noticed some on the display cases at the Boonshoft Museum and I’d like them in my kitchen.
A: Without a doubt you’ll be able to enhance your internal home security with the assistance of Dayton Locksmiths. Call on our professionals and they’ll get the perfect cabinet locks installed on any chest of drawers, any pantry door, and cabinet in your kitchen. We’ll be able to secure your home as good as or even better than the Boonshoft Museum of Discovery fastens their display cabinet. Not only that, but we’ll help you select the kind of lock you want, one that will match the interiors of your home—as well as providing unequalled security.

Q: Can keycards be replaced? I work in the Fifth Third Center and lost my office keycard.
A: Trust Dayton Locksmiths to get that keycard replaced. We’re able to work with all kinds of keyless entry systems; a keycard presents no problem for our skilled contractors. You won’t have to worry about feeling shame for losing your keycard, nor suffering the wrath of your employer—our experts will work swiftly to provide a replacement. And if any problems arise, such as possible security threats, due to that lost keycard, we’ll be able to restore your company’s security to what it once was. In fact, Dayton Locksmiths will be able to upgrade that office locksmith security if you only give us the word.

Q: Will you rekey my home? Someone has the keys to my St. Anne’s Hill house and I want to change keys.
A: Our locksmiths are just the right professionals you want to rely on for excellent home rekey solutions. We understand that you don’t want someone to jeopardize the safety of your residence. That’s why we’ll work hard to supply you with just the residential rekey service you need: we’ll turn about those tumblers, cut you new keys, and prevent any intruders with the old keys from getting into your house in St. Anne’s Hill.  We appreciate a client who understands something as specific and complex as lock rekeys, and Dayton Locksmiths will be more than glad to make certain your home meets the highest standards of security.

Q: Can you change the combination to the safe in my KeyBank Tower office?
A: If you’re having difficulties with the combination and recombination process on your safe, you can depend on Dayton Locksmiths to clear up all the trouble. We’ll be sure to assign a new code for your office safe and implement all the necessary precautions. And should there be any further issues with the newly designated safe code, we’ll help everyone in your office who needs the help. Dayton Locksmiths will help guide you along the way, giving any instruction that’s needed regarding safe combinations. Our contractors will help your office become as safe as it should be.

Q: Do you locksmiths pull keys from car locks? After I dropped my key in RiverScape it was so wrecked it snapped.
A: We won’t worry about how damaged that fragment was by the Great Miami River at RiverScape. All our specialists at Dayton Locksmiths will be focused on is that segment of your key that’s stuck in your vehicle’s lock. You can be sure that we’ll get every bit of that key out of your car’s lock; we can extract whole fragments, or even small pieces, such as teeth, that might be lodged inside an automotive lock. Our experts are quite handy and you can trust them to pull out every last piece of that key without any damage being done to the cylinder—either inside or outside. Your auto’s lock will be working properly once we’ve finished. And if you request any key replacements for the key that was destroyed, Dayton Locksmiths will be more than glad to supply that replacement solution for you.

Q: How do I know if I have a transponder key or a chip key to my Chevy Impala?
A: We assure you that both a transponder key and a chip key are one in the same, even for Chevy Impalas: they are two different names for the very same instrument. They are called transponder keys because it communicates, in a way, with the transponder inside your Impala. They are sometimes also called chip keys because it is the microchips inside the key that send that signal to the transponder. If you were confused at first as to which one you owned, you may be confused about the actual appearance of this kind of transponder style key. In fact, you might not even own one, seeing as how many people are not aware that they have a chip key since the circuitry is hidden within the plastic of the key. Let our local locksmiths have a look if you’re still confused about the key to your Chevrolet; they’ll easily clear up the matter for you.

Q: What are the advantages to having a Kwikset mortise lock?
A: For one, Kwikset mortise locks are often the most difficult style of locks for intruders to trespass. These locks have the advantage of being fitted snugly within the door, making it discouraging difficult for burglars to open. Furthermore, mortise locks have the added convenience of being able to be locked from both sides of the door—or, in other words, from the inside of a room or the outside of a room. Many homeowners and business owners find Kwikset brands mortise locks to be quite sensible in their homes and offices because one cannot get accidentally locked out by them—their entire engineering prevents such an occurrence. Additionally, mortise locks can be fitted to almost any size door; because of the variety with which mortise locks can be found, particularly when made by Kwikset, patrons can get a mortise lock fitted to most any door on their property. Call up our locksmith professionals for even more reasons to have a mortise lock by Kwikset installed in your commercial setting or residence.

Q: In what circumstances will the ignition to my Honda Civic be too jammed with debris to be fixed?
A: There’s no need to worry about your Honda Civic’s ignition, nor any jammed locks, when our trained locksmiths are around. No matter what is stuck inside the hole of your lock, be it in your vehicle, or a lock that’s on the side of an office door, our locksmiths will be able to clean it out for you. You can drive on in your Honda and not worry about doing any more damage to your ignition when you try to fit in your Civic. And if there ever should be anything stuck inside your Honda Civic’s ignition in the future, we’ll always be available to take care of the jam.

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45424 - Dayton, OH

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45040 - Mason, OH

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45327 - Germantown, OH
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45458 - Dayton, OH

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